Your 12 Week Plan

Learn more about the evidence based ShapeUp4Life Programme.

ShapeUp4Life 12 Week Course overview

Brought to you by Solutions 4 Health, ShapeUp4Life is an online programme that will help you to not only lose weight but keep it off long term.

Join our expert nutritionists, dietician and personal trainers for weekly sessions that will help you to make changes to your lifestyle and activity levels helping you to ShapeUp4Life.

The ShapeUp4Life plan comes with unlimited access to our free recipes and snack ideas. Developed by our experts and the NHS these healthy foods contain a balanced mix of nutrients helping you to eat well and enjoy your meals.

You’ll see your amazing weight loss journey on your very own personalised dashboard, set yourself goals and share ideas from other successful ShapeUp4Life members.

ShapeUp4Life isn’t a diet or a fad, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s about eating a healthy balanced diet full of all of the nutrients that your body needs, enjoying healthy snacks and eating out in a healthy way. At the same time as being more active and loving what you do!

So join us today and ShapeUp4Life! 



Week 1 – Getting started with ShapeUp4Life

Our experts help you get in the right mindset to lose weight. Find out why fad diets don’t work and how ShapeUp4Life is different. Try our tasty snacks and top reviewed apps.

Week 2 – Getting the balance right

This week learn about the importance of energy balance and it’s effect on your weight and learn to set healthy and sustainable goals

Week 3 – Eating well and portion size

All about healthy eating and eating well. We’ll be finding out what foods we need to eat to stay full and our experts will show you what a correct portion size looks like.

Week 4 – Goals and Rewards

Our experts will show you how setting goals can help you to ShapeUp4Life, share a quick mindfulness exercise to help you lose weight. Other ShapeUp4Life members share how they reward themselves and stay on track to success.

Week 5 – Food Labels made easy

Crack the code on food labels, so you can shop in style. Find out more about salt intake and try our delicious ShapeUp4Life recipes for an indulgent pasta meal that you won’t believe you can eat and still lose weight.

Week 6 – Getting more active

Meet your personal trainer who will help you get fitter and ShapeUp4Life. Prepare to be shocked when you find out how many minutes of jogging it takes to burn of your favorite chocolate bar!

Week 7 – Triggers and Solutions

Overcome your triggers and kick your cravings with help from our experts. Our other ShapeUp4Life members share their tips on overcoming challenges and losing weight.

Week 8 – Fatty Facts

Our experts give you the low down on fat. Find out what you should be eating and try our calorie saving cooking tips and delicious curry recipe to help you ShapeUp4Life.

Week 9 – Making sense of sugar

The secret sources of sugar in your diet, our experts show you some sugar swaps to cut calories and a great app to help you stay Sugar Smart.

Week 10 – Change your life for good

Our experts show you how to keep up changes, get back on track after set backs and keep the weight off long term.

Week 11 – Eating Out and Alcohol

Find out how you can still eat out, drink alcohol and lose weight. Try our ShapeUp4Life takeaway swaps and find out how other members still socialise and ShapeUp4Life.

Week 12 – Staying Successful

Here you’ll have a look through the best moments of ShapeUp4Life. Our experts share their tips on reaching your goal weight and staying there with ShapeUp4Life.

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