Please complete the below Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ)

    Shape up 4 Life Monitoring Form - Client Consent PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL

    • By providing my consent to take part in the physical activity that forms part of the ShapeUp4Life programme, I warrant and represent that I am capable of engaging in active exercise, that I am not aware of any health or medical condition that would prevent me from participating in physical exercise, and that such exercise would not be detrimental to my health comfort or physical condition. In the event that I have concerns about my health as a result of engaging in physical exercise during the ShapeUp4Life programme, then I agree to immediately seek medical advice by consulting my GP; I also agree to inform my instructor without delay.

    • I recognise and accept that the responsibility to safeguard my health rests with me; I also accept that you are not medically trained professionals. I further acknowledge and accept that you reserve the right not to enroll me on a ShapeUp4Life programme (or ask me to leave it if already started) if you have any concerns or reservations regarding the impact that the ShapeUp4Life programme might have, or is having, on my health and well-being.

    • Alternatively, if you have concerns I agree to seek medical advice by consulting my GP to obtain their agreement, before you will permit me to enroll on or continue with the ShapeUp4Life programme

    • I agree to be contacted again for a follow up appointment 6 and 12 months following this course.

    • Solutions4health would encourage you to provide your consent in order that we can process data and information about you. We may share this data where necessary with other health professionals such as your GP or specialist services. The information we collect and process will be used to help us meet the contractual obligations as set down by the local health service commissioners in accordance with the service we are providing. You can request to view, amend or delete your data at any time by contacting us.